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Selected outcomes are available from two print on demand providers.

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Everything is transient and may be removed without warning.

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exhibition and sales manifesto

Version 1.3 : 2018-09-22

"To exhibit an outcome, you must buy it first. If you buy an outcome and then exhibit it, in a well publicised public venue, I will consider giving you a partial refund against the original purchase price. The purchased outcome remains yours after the event. Of course it does, you paid for it. As always, copyright of my outcomes remain with me the artist. My virtual spaces remain free to view online. Everything is transient, so please enjoy them while they exist. You can buy an existing outcome from a print space (see pod above). If the required outcome is not available from a print space, then please contact me to negotiate availability and price. You can also commission something new and unique at an agreed price, payable in advance. Email me to start a negotiation. The price of each outcome reflects the cost of making it. I do not add a vanity overhead, based on some arbitrary notion of artistic value. My aim is to break even on my costs each year. I am interested in making new outcomes, I do not prioritise making a profit. And yes, this statement applies to galleries, curators and the public. I may make exceptions, but only for projects I find interesting." REVAD 2018-09-22

nuclear deconstruction © by REVAD David Riley

nuclear deconstruction © by REVAD David Riley