It feels like someone hit [ctrl] [alt] [del],
and the world OS is in the process of shutting down,
without first saving work in progress.
Many things may be lost F O R E V E R !


I make it. I share it.
I come back in a day and look at it.
I come back in a week and look at it.
I come back in a month and look at it.
If I am still sharing it in a year, then it made the cut.
It is important to note, most of my work exists in a virtual space.
So, I have to share it for it to exist.
Rare outcomes make the transition from virtual to real.
Some of those transitions are triggered by others.
Some are triggered by me.
There is no right way to do this.
It is an art of itself.
Self curating is hard.
Letting others curate for you is hard.
My philosophy is, nothing is a waste, everything leads to something.
It's all about the process.
Everything is transient.