revad David Riley

A fidgeter of outcomes between signal and noise.

revad and the logic and influence... © by revad david riley

I use signal and noise as my primary mediums. A signal stimulates an idea, noise interferes, and the enquiry generates new outcomes.

The materials used to create an outcome are chosen to be appropriate to the enquiry. An outcome may be real (a drawing, a painting, an installation) or virtual (a digital image, an animation, a blog, a web site). Outcomes often contain multiple components. Real outcomes are currently held in private collections in the United States, United Kingdom, France and Romania.

You will find a growing archive of real outcomes at CODED IMAGES.

Virtual outcomes include:

Twitter User Names Coded (twitter)

Connect with this Space (facebook)

beyond C O D E (blog)

I am a juried artist member at Axis (since 2012).

I am a member at a·n (since 2010).

This is primarily a space to store and display ideas. Some ideas are more permanent than others. You should enjoy the ideas while they are here. I am a retired engineer / artist and this is part of what I do with my time.

no / yes & me © by revad david riley

no / yes & me © by REVAD David Riley